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Ultimate epic battle simulator is it worth about literate words the words at the developments here is a sandbox like no other create massive balls with absolutely no. Limits want to see ten thousand chickens fight an army of Romans sure why not want to see a, company of World War two US soldiers by the 11,000 medieval soldiers there are simply no limits, to the carnage you can achieve in epic battle simulator mess around with the massive variety of units everything from Roman centurions medieval soldiers Knights, orcs trolls and yes check ends the main focus in this game is giving the clear more, restrictions to what it can do this is why we decided not to limit the amount, of units inbound want to say what a battle of 100,000 units look like we don't recommend going past 10,000 for most machines but it's, your CPU do what you want on top of that even Claire's any one. Of the units in the game getting up close and personal the health change the tides of a massive battle yes guys this is hilarious this game i streamed this for I think three. Hours the other day everybody enjoyed it was, so much fun we ended up with a huge fierce off on these Plains between about a thousand Spartans there was medieval arches there was some heavy nights there, was to chuck norris's yes he's in do I think was 8,000 dogs and they were flanked by thirty thousand chickens on, one side and 30,000 penguins on the other, it's it's something else guys when you see the Spartan army flanked by penguins but that's the name of the game the game is just a bit of fun it pretty. Much set out the battle that you want to see take place and then you see go and that's it, all hell breaks loose you don't actually control the the battle once it's started although you can take, possession of one of the units on the battlefield and do what you want to do run around an attack but that's not, really where the game is where the game is is just kind.

Of coming up with these ideas in your head of what you want to see fighting each other there's also.

A castle in this big sandbox map that you can put units in the castle and half of the units attack on the castle eagle catapults we've got pretty much all, the medieval soldiers from artists too heavy nights you've got two special units have already mentioned Chuck, Norris either one is this golden Knight you've got big unity got these giant orcs and then, you've got the standard all she got wild many 1st Cavalry, guys you've got chickens you've got penguins and a lot more you've got the Spartans you've got the Romans there's pretty much everything but what else you've got is, the customization button where you can actually customize the unit's. Change the attributes and you can change the name and then when you do a new battles you can bring your own unit and you. Can name it after yourself if you want and bring that in the battle and with the stats that you've decided and see how well it, did our books the chickens last night above thirty thousand, chickens I'll give them a speed buff hit points both in an attack buff and they did miley well they did mighty well but they just couldn't. Defeat the Spartans it's hilarious there's only one map at the minute but this is kind of an alpha it's not for sale yet I was. Just kind of given this of the developer so unfortunately I don't know how much it costs and I don't know, when it's coming out either I haven't got any of that information yet I, don't think it's bad information is being released [Applause] hi guys sorry to interrupt your birthday by video but I'm Mac from the future I've just had an, email from the developer who's just said that the game will release on the twelfth of April he's. Also added a new map it's just been. Updated with a new map and a new unit called taught us the new map is set in the desert. Past max knows nothing about this I've just talked into actually put this into the edit he sounds there's a cup of. Tea so I'm going to hand it back to past man who knows nothing about this but i will put some, of the footage in the video of the new map and the new unit at sort of a good time you like me you would. Leave ollie but keep an eye out for it I've will be doing, more videos on this probably more streams because it was such a great streams that that i'll be putting the stream up probably this. Weekend so you can have a laugh it's so funny watching these huge armies and what really, amazed me was how well it all run i mean if you remember when i did was it ultimate battle simulator once. You get over 200 units in that it pretty much grinds to a halt but in this I.

Had something like adderall 100,000 units gone pretty much nearly it's certainly $80,000 five who were last night. And yeah the frames per second went down to 10 but you can certainly have ten twenty, thirty thousand and in the game with 30 frames are sound so it is very very well optimized I mean hats off to the guy he's done a terrific job of this the actual AI combat is a. Bit odd sometimes they get stuck in. Walls and it seems to take the more troops you have in and the harder it, is for them to navigate and other things while I'm in the criticism mood for this I think it needs more commands you can go into, the take possession of a character and then issue some commands but it's lacking. Terribly what you need is you need the ability to maybe change a group from defense to attack because when you're creating the battle initially you have to tell them what they're going to do. But you can only see a look attack or defend and sometimes you want them on defense. If you were guarding in our past like the pass of the mobile live.

With the Spartans did you you might want them to do that but then. You might want some time in the battle for them to go on the attack and you can't they just stuck on defense for the whole rest of, the battle which is a big problem really because it limits your, imagination to how you want certain battles also as well another thing I would like is a reinforcement timer one of the levels that I did I. Put myself in a castle behind 300 heavy nights and in front of them down at the bottom of the castle Ajala think, a thousand doctors and there were being attacked of 4,000 zombies and it was so much fun but I, also have some I wanted some reinforcements to come and I wanted to see if the. Reinforcements could save me because I knew that zombies would get through all the troops but could the reinforcement saved me before I died but I wasn't, able to sort of see after 10 minutes all. Of these units and bring them in I had to put some reinforcements to the other side of the map it would. Take 10 minutes to get there and that's how I did I would like to see. More control in the actual setup of the bowels rather than the actual tea in possession of a character because I don't think that's worth even bothering, with taking possession of a character just you know it's all right for a gimmick but i think the real, battle is from the top down you can have some amazing truly epic battles in this and it really runs well despite when you have hundreds of thousands in its and it. Grinds to a halt but, you know they're just ridiculously sighs well but normal sized bottles run really well and it is so much fun it is it's so much fun we all had a, great laugh in the screen and I'll do more videos. On this when it comes out but I can't the middle but down because it's not even price so i Doan or mean it might be a million dollars, whereas it would be a bum down, so there you go guys that's ultimate epic battle simulator it is a really good game to play and certainly want to watch to the future you .


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