My god ye can be north of the board please protect the man kill the over Chuck Norris kill them what is go on guys my name is alpha and this, ultimate epic battle simulator a battle simulator unlike in before it that’s right can’t you tell by this has been music that’s playing in the background as. Dramatic walk off the screen dramatically. Industry is ultimately an epic and I’m almost any breakage ER I get a sleepy boy all right anyway so, this is ultimate epic battle simulator download the game that almost every single youtuber that I know has been waiting for, for a very long time guys this is like the other battle simulator games except the battles are gigantic there’s huge all right I’m super excited to play. It it just came out today I’m pretty positive it’s an alpha version 0.1 so it’s it’s pretty new I guess. Now without any further ado let’s start game I’m kind of excited I don’t know what’s going on here math world of. Thieves there’s one map rainy I like that weather rainy weather makes me happy time of, day 7am is way too early let’s do let’s do 1pm about that a good relaxed hour it’ll let the odors warm up a bit and also if. You guys end up enjoying this and want. To see more leave a like down below if we can get let’s say four thousand likes I will do another episode of this very soon okay and also check. Out the discord me and a bunch of other youtubers have been talking to a bunch, of fancy stuff tastes awesome okay let’s go ahead and set up the map here unit category let’s do medieval heavy nights 250 of them. Okay that’s 250 medieval nice right here can I rotate them. I don’t know how to rotate them that’s alright that’s alright tho huldu 250 medieval knights and 01 golden Knight 101 golden like to, take on okay at a sort of play I just want to see. What’s going on oh my god that is insane that looks incredible if it looks anything like this in game I’m going to myself and probably pass away on.

Camera not to mention this epic music I like, the music it’s gone which is creature oh it’s the golden night alone her stage star battle good luck my friend good luck golden Knight boy look, at him he’s running towards thee oh no 250, of these silver bastards so it’s acting I wonder how many he’s going to be able to kill probably none or maybe some I don’t know they say in stuff there look they’d completely encircled him somehow, he’s still alive they sound more like pirates. The night team heavy nice and that was that was not very epic he killed one guy they were kind of evenly matched I, guess alright let’s try something else I want to see if I can do more Golden Knights will do 250 golden knights versus 250 heavy nights whatever they, are so we’ll see who will win in this battle and let’s do it in an area, that’s not so mountainous and woodsy will do it down here in this little river bottom oh no wait I like it up here on. The step there we go start battle seriously though most of the youtubers that I know have been, waiting for a really long time to play, this game and some people have even been making videos of the the trailer for it which is all right okay where the minute there’s somewhere around here oh yeah they. Are oh my god now free download game. I wonder who’s going to win is it going to be the golden boys there is it going to be the silver boys got their backs turn look at them all. There’s three in their stores around what’s the point of that is. How we warm up on hold on to you Jesus Christ sorry you mean bastard start the battle I hope you all die after that sassy attitude you. Just gave me for all something this is an epic battle here well. Lots of guys are dying so far not a single golden Knight has passed on the heavy nights are dying left and right look at all, their dead corpses down here come on your birthday okay wonderfully I think it’s safe to say. That the the golden guys are winning this for sure right click to possess I, can possess someone no way I can fight somebody that’s cool oh man you can actually play as people holy I’m a golden aight i’ll keep you gold nights too.

Curious hey what if i can go jump up i wonder if i can go jump off this cliff over here will I die perhaps, I hope so and see you should oh oh I broke is his spine and hat, blood came out let’s try some more battles this. Game has me acting like a two-year-old a two-year-old 45 year old probably more like how old are they when they just can’t stop talking all right let’s try. Another battle here will do i’m done doing the nights i don’t want to chunk Norris ok we’re not done doing the night which is. Your chunk Norris Chuck Norris is badass so let’s let’s do 250 chunk Norris’s versus one whole army of two hundred, and fifty US soldiers hell yeah I wonder if chunk Norris can. Take on guns hopefully chunk Norris has guns I don’t really know much about chunk Norris I know he has his trademark action jeans Chuck Norris. Action jeans okay where’s Chuck Norris I’m getting very impatient. Which one’s jumping I think this is chuck norris down here nope those are out World War two guys this is Cheung Fong oh my god Chuck Norris is, awesome-looking jr. him oh wow two guns work and stuff look at all the blood Chuck Norris, is getting shot like crazy got a single chub yours is passed on yet, oh my god this is so epic the greatest man of all time chunk Norris vs an army of two hundred and fifty American soldiers all right we got. To try that on a gigantic scale I wonder how big I can make my, armies can I do 200,000 people I wouldn’t imagine that that’s an option but we’ll, try that let’s see em let’s do ten ten thousand oh my god it actually works oh look how big the map is too that’s pretty cool to the battle over.

Here in this little basin how about that and I want to, have more World War two units can I choose anything I can’t use anything else let’s try.

Chunk Norris vs some chickens how about that how about fifty fifty thousand chickens it’s something a good idea there we go guys ten thousand. Chunk Norris vs 50 styles and chickens let’s try this battle Steph and chicken from popeyes. Loading units Oh oh my god that is amazing it’s making human noises look guys fifty, thousand chickens I’ve never seen fifty thousand chickens before it’s surprisingly not laggy to which is crazy fifty thousand. Chicken sounds like a vast army of men this game is awesome I don’t even know what to say oh yeah thousand chunk Norris it’s a carpet of chuck norris k to start to battle I. Will say one thing I must commend their incredible ability to stay in formation with that gigantic intimidating army of. Chickens in front of them okay I gotta speed up time you can speed up time to uh. Two times I think there we go and then enable it oh oh it’s not working really yeah just a sound sped up. It’s this battle going to work at. All I feel like this isn’t going to work ten thousand chunk norris’s versus fifty thousand chickens may not have, been a good idea are they exploding is chunk Norris popping those chicken I think Chuck Norris is annihilating the chickens to the point of vaporization you’re eating your state of matter. He’s turning them from solids into, gases chunk Norris brand chicken gasps look at the giant white spots on the ground okay I’m not going to let this whole battle play out because that’s, way too laggy but still it’s the premise that is amazing and so, incredibly respectable why has in a game like this been made congratulations man who does this game, you are an ultimate epic hero in my book second to none too old chunk Norris although I bet you can’t pop a chicken like old, chunk in Kenya bitch all right let’s do some evil units how about that zombies.



  1. Hey can I have a download link?
    Also I have an idea of another character,
    it’s basically a dragon that flies and spews fire down upon the lands.
    thought I should share that with you guys.

  2. Hello i watched this game a lot i really want please please send me a download link plz 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 and itll be greater if you send me the alpha thx 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. can I please have the alpha, I would love to play this awesome game. I’m really looking forward to it

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