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Will the chicken be Chuck Norris's kryptonite here we go here we go I'll be honorable morning my name is Finn pyre we're. Playing ultimate epic battle simulator that's a mouthful who is this game though is a lot like abs but it's a little. Bit more realistic and you can do like massive battles like 10,000 dudes versus 10,000 other dudes even bigger you'll see youtubers like right now doing a hundred thousand verses. 100,000 going absolutely crazy I thought though me you've got a shrine we'll give that a try see if we can set my computer on fire, but I thought would slow like one against one, you can see here I was testing it out I was doing like. A hundred thousand chickens versus a thousand penguins so this is basically what this looks like we have a, thousand penguins vs a thousand chickens look at this it's like the big giant battle for penguin castle so this is going to be alright let's just let's just run this one just reach if you, guys can see what this is about see what this looks like. All of them charging it like a big giant epic battle these guys are just back, here like hey hey I want some chicken too where's my chicken it reminds me of like the march of the penguins documentary it's, started bloody anyway I thought in this video we try answer you know if you're different panels well test, it out but i'd like to try like 1v1 you know what I mean that we can try and find out what plates are strongest of the different units that we have, and this battles almost over these penguins, just dominating these chickens there's about a hundred chickens remaining I'm sorry chicken you guys have gone pretty cool battle knife I like this battle man these penguins the crazy BAM battle over. Okay so, let's try this let's just I just want to show you guys in case you haven't seen it, already what a giant battle looks like we can go like we can go like ancient Greece say no let's go for 20,000 okay 20,000 quite a big on the map as you can see look at, their this is 20,000 units and this is I mean the frame rates taken a little bit of, a hit it feels like it's maybe at about 20 or 15 or 20 but really when you think about it that's, pretty impressive for these guys there's 20,000 there this is epic versus leaves dried what are these two, of these are ancient Greece. I don't know I can't tell guys are so tough I like your shield though some good shields good on you Greg, I'm proud of your Greg and your thoughts exactly the same as correct before you see stephen gregg these guys buddies for life is, it this incredible like go back a few years and this was the kind of thing that they were using in films you know what i mean like big cgi battles playing out, like this this. Is awesome please join chopping each other up know what you can do with the shield I'll that guy just got smacked hard core I love the definition between like the blue army and like the reddish, and greenie for the army going on over. Here I call them greenie come on guys oh ah you can get right down into the cottage is that Steve Cruz Etsy or, is that Steve or greg i can remember what their names were oh wow, okay so there's still 16,000 of the Romans remaining feet but that the nights are definitely winning though so it's this right. There's no way that the Romans are going to win because I don't think there's anything that's going to make them tips of scale, you know what I mean but I kind of want like a big you, know like mythical sort of troll if I'm going to come out through some boulders punch some guys in the face maybe chew on a couple of. Them it's gotta be cool alright i'm just going to end this because it go take a long time okay so let's start trying some 1v.

One stuff all right let's go for medieval vert golden Knight hahaha chunk Norris boobies chunk Norris all right let's. Try this ghola night let's just go for. One-on-one these guys down here they're just going to battle it out just in the field definitely going to do here we go who's going to win between a heavy, night and a golden. Nice loading units shouldn't take 101 unit where are they oh it's really hard to see here they are look at this guy look at it he's disguised pumped you can tell by the way he's wagging. His sword you waggle that you waggle it good this guy is also waggling this guy's like pimped out. Like Kanye West aren't you alright cool the. Stewart guys that's fine let's do it battle who's gonna win argh in the gold mines gonna win cuz he's a hero I'll just smack him in the knee in the, face these guys are brutal dumb, golden Knight is victorious good on your chance whoever wins we then put that character up against something else that's the way we're gonna do this so when it plays on that's what this, is ah here he is here's, chunk Norris hahaha this guy he's so tough so mean and I could just stop selected him so it's, not radioactive yellow that'd be awesome would you got like grenades or something we don't you back probably got like 50 knives in there look at that. Beard look at that beard oh he didn't look like a halo when you're sort of stand, like this actually glows like face I can see your side ahead hmm ladies teeth okay let's do this I'm surprised the other guy's not dead already just by looking at chuck norris look at. Him, because wrecked I have a funny feeling that chunk Norris is just going to dominate everybody okay this one we have chunk Norris or Chuck Norris let's just call it Chuck Norris oh yeah you've. Got a nice on his arms he's all glistening wet. Isn't he gorgeous hahaha Ruby shiny face in Greece we have a world war two.

Soldier you gotta be actually going to shoot some dude you gonna try and shoot him back it looks mad it looks so mad I can see the eyeballs I through this that's the bit gross you got, teeth bro you got any teeth inside that head I don't think it does okay let's start this, let's see he's going to try and shoot him yeah sure did you hear what he said there's us and, then there's a terrorist Chuck Norris his snap, kick that god of death we have chuck norris our undefeated champion versus a zombie so the real question is can chuck norris kill a zombie I mean to kill a zombie all he. Has to do is to take out the brain right Hey Hey look at, you it was pretty angry it looks like is green like he's made of boogers let's let's start this battle let's see what happens come. On technically you can't, kill a zombie without Chuck Norris vs and a Roman soldier this video is basically turning into Chuck Norris vs everybody that's all right Chuck Norris vs a Spartan here we go here we all.

He gotta step this looks a little. Bit more even this is Chuck Norris vs wild man this is like ancient Greece wild man look. At this guy this guy's Rick he has a mace thing and he has is an amazing morning stuck over the call and an axe does, this no way no way Chuck Norris is going down he's going down let's do this come on. Wild guy whatever you call killing well I'd say that the walk is gonna win but no we can see what happens we know that Chuck Norris is going, to win this one surely this will be easy oh yeah look at this give him like a 12. Anything oh my god what is this guy he's got a pig face of everything he's wearing. The skull of one of these enemies you've got this big chain thing hello this year look at a shield nobody can, mess with this guy what do you got Chuck nurse what do you got buddy look at your determination on his face if you look a.

Bit a little bit worried he, does look kind of worried okay has chuck norris finally met his match are you serious this was bound to happen but we just have to test it right. Will the chicken be Chuck Norris's kryptonite here we go here we go his kicked, him he exploded this is the last one it's the chickens arctic nemesis it's. The penguin here we go come on come on Franklin killin how top of these penguins and stay just punch that he pushed that penguin so hard. In the face Chuck Norris has murdered everybody probably as expected I mean it is Chuck Norris so we need to put Chuck Norris up, against Chuck Norris all right guys here we go Chuck Norris vs chuck norris what's going to happen hahahaha airhead Chuck Norris kilifi Chuck Norris. Per se. But if any time space continuum failed here it is guys this is Chuck Norris vs 100,000 of the giant ogre's look at them this game is. Like killing my pc right now really is let's give her my pc, imagine brand health kick but look at the mall they're literally everywhere suffer in the man but they're everywhere Chuck Norris is just going into the.

Crown what's happening here Chuck Norris has killed a bunch already and he's just still going they just threw gone there's no sign of death yet I doubt he can be, beaten where is. Chuck nurse where is he it's gotta be in here somewhere right I can't see him with my Chuck Norris I've spent the game up a little bit just to sort of make that I guess the performance seemed, a, little bit quicker but it looks like Chuck Norris is just still dominating them getting closer to 100 now I'm going to lean the video here I'm going. To let Chuck nourishes go to town 7cm any ID to get through I'd, say it's going to be here awhile though there's a lot of these guys if you have any suggestions for any battles and things, like that let me know in the comments below what I'd like you to do is give them like you know like to tell but you tell me. What kind of you Lucien want me to put in but then you'd like to battle a name as well and we'll try and, do it in like a future video but they've, always forcing this video if you liked it give it some unease one and i'll see you guys next time .

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