Ultimate epic battle simulator game multiplayer it’s a thing I know what you think it right off the. Bat it kind of remind you of a thing like cabs but this is so much more this is tabs on steroids from what I’ve seen there’s some, simulations that the developer of this game has shown, online where it’s like thousands and thousands of soldiers versus each other and it just looks nuts it’s super impressive so I’ve been talking to, a suave and he gave me access to the very first alpha you can see it’s outfit version 0.1 so a lot of stuff is probably going to change so call it some, slack in that regard oh my god i don’t actually have i literally have no, idea what i’m doing ok let me try and figure this out right so you’re in categories I’ve chosen fantasy over here and okay. Rank shape one right so this is a I put, them down so apparently just 250 in this really it’s kind of crazy amount 250 whatever interpret ages 22 ah so this is the shape of them okay got it. I’m, learning and those are orcs let’s go fantasy giant ogre’s get off of my swamp I just want to see cool happening can they really put this amount of things, in medieval heavy Knights footman archers otters but you guys up here nice I don’t know how. This is gonna work I don’t even know how this is going to run heroes, goal tonight chunk Norris I want a chunk Norris team for amount one okay so you guys can only have one I put you over here because you’ll be the last thing to come into battle in. And let’s put in evil zombie 250 cap which in the water, put you over here okay let’s start the battle and see what happens loading, okay see look at this that’s insane if the grooming soldiers vs zombies it’s. 7am on a cold winter’s morning the units are loading early on oh that’s a lot less that I expected these are all my oars there’s, 250 of them right there my archers are all the way up in the Hill Oh God everything is way more spread out than I. Thought it was so they’re actually decides that the. Arrows that were on the screen whoa oh yeah you guys look ready hahaha you guys ready to some up let me hear it oh not saying anything let’s go look at some, others good lord has taken me half a focus centuries even get over to the Warriors so those. Are the giant ogre’s over there you there oka oh you guys so pretty haha there is already enough . up nice think you guys, are gonna be my favorite one um a little bit down some zombies as well somewhere there there they are I’d already give, a about them where is this golden dude is less you want alone right there so the golden soldier and the chunk Norris okay I don’t I don’t get you what.

All right everybody and your possession I don’t even, know if this is gonna work I have no idea what I’m doing okay the battle has started people are rolling out all over the place zombies are probably gonna. Be left in the wrong I might have to redo this oh. I can actually possess some and play as them that’s cool I didn’t know I could do that I thought it was all from. The sky okay who’s coming over here these guys all split off some of them went, to fight the errors and then some of them i think came over this way oh no they went back or they did oh I. Know guys you’re gonna get ed no these are so gonna die oh it’s just like, three times the height of the hahahaha very possible hahahaha yeah it is this one bar that’s cool oh I. Want to possess one of you and actually fire ha burn like a battle-ax home team easy man now easy so, not going down very easily though oh lads we might die this is awesome though oh god the Giants are coming hahaha ok, how many zombies zombies have one killed and the golden Knight has 24 dude killed three just slaughtering all. The zombies over there in his own wish I could go over there somehow well I mean, I can but I mean faster than have to. Go all the way across or is he how this pans out because it does not look like the archers are killing many things they’ve killed 10 guys it, is cool see the cleanup like your own battle you can set up gigantic bottles of like hopefully when the game gets progressed I don’t know what, the plan is for the entire game but could you imagine being able to make your own helm’s deep pocket. For your very own like three hundred battles if you can’t do that already that’ll be so cool Oh God hahahahahaha it’s like, when flower on entered the, fight oh my god you’re just gonna get annihilated they are just so I can put in slow motion oh look, at him go that’s it you’d him up come on that’s awesome oh wait the golden tie-dyed and those. Are all the zombies on their way over ah ok I get it well these guys are all day in here.

Let me start multiplayer game again I’m actually going to be smart about it this time, and I’m going to put these are medieval footmen and I’m going to put these inside the castle I’m going to have an actual siege happen which I think would be cool I’m going to bring my orks then, all the way over to the actual front gates so these guys all fight. Each other ok we have 800 orcs one there we go 800 orcs, and then i’m going to put down some medieval archers as well cuz they.

Didn’t do a whole lot last time a harsh morning 7am up early the men are hungry ready to fight ready to defend their castle the orcs bloodthirsty numerous ready to throw down. The gauntlet for their master there’s a smell of ting pants in the air but it’s good it only means that you’re alive and. Ready to fight come on oh yeah look at this onslaught that’s about to happen, and then the archers can all attack them there that’s cool like a probe. Expensive like no stay inside I made them attack I should have made them hold position ok we go. Again this weather is even better this time this is the helms deep battle I made my guys stay this time, so they’re actually going to stay in there and fight as guys enter the castle you’re not supposed to go across the site alright cuz some of my guys fell. Down I get it he’s going to kill them and move on then or actually any of you breaching. The castle there we go lead the charge there or a computer at work that’s his name that’s, the Oryx name clown like oh you’re just going to get picked off one by one though if you, do this it’s awesome looking for real. Okay I mean I know orcs are done but this is just getting ridiculous now you guys are going to get hammered you’re just on your own in here or knots are actually strong their way stronger.

Than the men oh no I have way more of the Oryx and a half of the men cuz like all day, at the. Castle they’re fine no they’re all getting killed it’s already seen guys are like ants all trapped hahaha are any of you actually going to go back oh man I broke you, I should have started you all in here back let’s race one more time here we go no. Actors just orcs and these guys and I’m hoping that fondling them in here will I don’t know make the. Men possibly win this is so cool MMA I thank god I’d. Fight kill each other no I hahaha okay you guys want to move raising your formation is impeccable what’s that whose mother not own or okay the orcs might win the orcs, have killed 80 people the men have only killed 15 for 15 yeah it’s not looking good let’s speed things up now I definitely. Can’t understand you it’s, so cool watching them come in and form out come on lad put up some sort of fight Willie I think it’s because I made my men hold position or now. They’ve all come in and find out I, made them hold position so none of them are actually moving they’re just all standing still waiting for them to come and, attack them so they’re all just gonna die we did not take down money or it’s just fascinating. To look at look at all the bodies everywhere this is impressive software Oh pitiful pitiful performance by the main what are you a man, or a mouse you’re dead mouse okay let’s crack this bad boy open let’s do this it’s ultimate epic battle simulator not stand around with your dicks in. Your hands there’s 10,000 10,000 of, them and 10,000 to you wait you’re 1.5 so you should be 1.5 as well right I want to know what happens wait can. I just put down 50,000 yep fifty thousand verses 50,000 I wanna take forever to load hosti stupid hahaha this is.


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