New Massive battle Sandbox Game – Developer Interview

Hey whats up guys this year and welcome to this extremely special video I am joined by the sole developer on massive epic battle simulator hello it's rob thanks for having me now thank you, for coming on i'm so excited about the game. Itself and what we're going to do is we're just basically going to run through some questions i came up just to kind of give people a better understanding of the game itself so. I think what we should do to start off the interview. Is just kind of let's talk about those people have no idea. What your game is what is ultimate epic battle simulator about well it's this crazy sandbox that i built around a technology which enables. Probably the largest battles you've ever seen I don't know if I'm allowed to say that but I mean the goal a lot of visine well the goal is to provide total freedom to the, player as well as some comedy, relief like unit with units like chickens and penguins and lots of other crazy things and basically bees units just kind of clash together on a field of certain terrain which will. Get onto we have questions like that later on down the line. So cool basically just a magic fan box arena which can have you know how many soldiers, have you managed to get in the engine at the moment well I've done, stress tests up to over a hundred thousand I have tried even upwards of a million before but that's not those are not numbers i recommend not even like a hundred. Thousand is a stress test like i said right but in the game there's there's no actual limit to how many characters you can have in a battle. So that's up to the player and his computer of course so basically how much i, want to push my CD you until it explodes basically basically yes but what i have written down is my kind of disclaimer is. I don't recommend, over 10,000 because you know you'll start most gaming pcs will start going under 60 FPS you know once you're over 10,000 guys but it kind of just you can just keep pushing it more and more if. You really want and I've never had any real crashes to be honest I. Mean I'm sure some people might end up crashing their computer and doing crazy things with this. Which I expect but you know that's up to that wow that's super exciting because most people I guess. From my channel are used to total war where the limit is you know. You get to around about 20,000 soldiers you know over 10,000 and it just guys basically. So the fact that you've even managed to stress-test up to a hundred thousand is awesome to see so good let's go ahead also you go ahead sorry I mean totally gonna say you do get a. Few side effects like once the numbers get pushed really really high I made some kind of safety systems that allow.

The battles to function but they do kind of slow down. So because what happens is when the frame rate gets really low things start to get a little unreliable so I had to kind of slow, the battle down to make sure everything's. Still reliable but that's just a side note great so yeah so book so basically if you're pushing your computer's power the game we're just, kind of going to slow my a little bit yet they'll try to move is that units will try to move as fast as, they can but only if they can there's just a lot of safety systems that that tries to keep the battle stable, if you're pushing it farther than your, computer can tackle essentially so yeah that's awesome cool so let's move on to the next question I have to what factions can we expect to see in the game on launch well that's a, really really big question because there. Are quite a few I probably couldn't list them all here but one thing that you should probably be aware of is that there is a, huge variety and that's one of the themes behind this game is that is just putting crazy unmatching units against each other like World War two soldiers versus, medieval knights you know like that's that's something I think we all thought about as a kid or even probably. Still now like like what would happen you know and so that's that's the main theme behind this game is just a crazy. Variety and just pure insanity right and I can never predict what happens in. These battles until I watch them like it's it's still pretty. Crazy for me when I when I do these battles unless what you want from a soundbox game you want me online you want to be able to do we or wildest fancies in your head just. In the sandbox on. The field yeah we can also you can also expect fantasy units like orcs and Giants, and stuff like that like it's just a huge variety like you'll I'm trying to get like kind of every genre in to be in one game sort of so that's the plan sounds amazing and can these, genres team up with each other out of interest you can be anyone with life anyone yeah anyone. Can be allies anyone can be enemies like that's up to the player you just choose what. Team you want them to be on that's amazing so you can have some really really insane combinations and. Yeah like zombies Kings up with Santa Claus okay sounds absolutely awesome Google ok cool my next, question is what types of battlefields can we expect to see cuz I know. You've done a few videos on your channel which obviously go check out the link will be in the top of the description because you've done a port I think like over you, know 20 videos on the game itself which again looks amazing so make sure, go check that out but you've done a few videos on castles and open fields and villages can we expect to see stuff like trenches and other types of. Defensive terrains and just what else can we. Expect to see well a lot of that is still in development right now but the battlefields one thing you can expect is very large open world battlefields because.

To be frank you need a really really large amount of terrain, for a very large battle because like one thing that totally caught, me off guard is one of the latest units is the catapult and because the catapult is a lot bigger than a man I didn't anticipate how. Much just how much space they would take up I tried 10,000 and they took up almost, two kilometres of space I was blown away like and the thing is is that the size of the unit doesn't really affect the performance so like you can fill, the entire map with catapults and it's still running fine you. Know so that's one thing that was very interesting about it so that's awesome so they're extremely exciting to see what you do come up with on the, battlefield so the next one so thank you I think. You did a video about a month ago is that you can actually jump in and play as an individual soldier among tens of. And I thought that was such an interesting and in a divot way of kind of expanding the. Sandbox game so cajon give us a little bit of invocation how that's going to work can you just jump in and play as any soldier a click of a button or do you. Do some other. Stuff yeah you just have total freedom you can just you fly around by default right but then if you go up to a guy you just right-click and suddenly you're you're playing as him so that's literally. Any unit in the game you can do that and so I didn't like I was, like I wanted to. Do this from the start of development because I've always whenever I've played an RTS I've always wanted to you know be.

In that battle and be a part of it as an individual and I haven't really seen that offered, in a lot of games and I I always wanted that so like that was something I wanted from the start but I wasn't sure if it would be possible or. Not with such a large scale and stuff but it, turns out it turned out that our work pretty well so I'm quite happy with it and you can just you just, run around and you fight and you have the you are literally just controlling what that AI is doing that's how it works. From a technical standpoint like when you press forward if the AI is just ignoring what he wants to do and just going forward that's how it. Works so you have to expect to have the same limitations as that AI and the same abilities so will you have the exact same stats. You might just suddenly become like a super, soldier you'll just be you know one soldier one common soldier in the next and. Everyone else yeah that is unless you use a super soldier like there are heroes in this game which are very very very powerful and that's another thing that player should expect. Is that there's a massive variety of like underpowered overpowered units so like, it's up to you to kind of balance these battles I mean they are like there are some units that are balanced to fight each other but then there are other, units that are just stupid powerful like or very weak like a chicken for example so expect. A huge variety in power in the individuals, awesome so yeah you can have like a hero unit against you know 10,000 soldiers you can see is that guy good enough to take on ten thousand of this, certain enemy i think that's that's gonna be awesome for creating yeah it's not it's not like multiplayer shooter where everything, has to be bounced this is just a crazy sandbox where you do whatever you want right so anything kind of goes which, is great for development so the next question is you know this is a pretty massive game, is it just you working on the game or do you have like a, group of people helping you along the way well it is actually just me like I chose not to have anyone else on this team because it's a very, specific like the entire game is. Built around one technology and to have other programmers and on that just wouldn't really make sense because I had kind of design design this technology from the ground up so. The only person I have working right now is just someone who's helping these emails because I get get, a lot of emails and so I have to sort through. Them and and you know work accordingly with them so I have someone helping these emails but other than that it's just me but I hang on this game, is pretty impressive to see how far the games come in such a short, period of time with Josie are you working on it that's awesome thank you so cool let's go and move on to my final. Question is are you going to be adding in any more strategy mechanics into the game such as you know being able, to group 13 units may be giving them commands to go, to certain places defend a certain area or do you just want the game to be just an all-out frenzy where everyone just charges forward and hits into each other and just you, know craziness into you well I love that. You asked that because strategy has actually been a pretty big deal lately like if you've watched the latest video, with the new ordering system thats that's my way of giving the player strategic control over large portions of the battle but it's a, more kind of boots on the ground approach so you have to the only way you can order, units is if you are in possession of a unit and what you do is, you rally guys around you and they and they now become rallied to you and they'll start following you around and they will do whatever you order them you can tell them to. Go attack an individual or go to a location and even guard that location and so you you, have quite a bit of strategic control it's not always. Just running and clashing right so and also at the beginning in the map editor you can choose whether, to have them attack or hold position so there are quite a few options / strategy and I'm still working to you know to broaden that even more so basically when you, jump in as an individual soldier you then rally. The soldiers around you yes if you haven't seen one of the later videos that it covers that I go to Tom about the, ordering the new ordering system so i'll make sure to link that below this question in the description to make sure to go checked out afterwards so ensure if your individual character. Dies does he then do the soldiers then just I kind of relate back to just charging forward or do. They, follow the last command given currently they just they cancel whatever they were doing with you and they just continue charging or doing whatever they want to do so that's a change that I'm not quite sure yet so. We'll see so that's interesting because that like current build it's kind of, like you kind of almost have to be careful with your life as well. You know if you know it's a close battle you have to kind, of you know almost be like that commander you know maybe falling back a couple ranks or something I like actually yeah that's actually what I kind of, wanted like I wanted the player to kind of value as life a bit and because when you also when you leave that unit they kind of, just continue on doing whatever they want as, well so if you unpossessed that guy they'll just be like oh well I guess I'll just continue fighting then so yeah. That's what you will so I think that's pretty much all my questions I guess my last question is is there, any site of a release date yet TM ? no there isn't this is actually something I, wanted to talk about before we wrap things up though I wanted to mention that obviously some people have noticed by now that the development has been extended of course and the main.

Reason behind this is because of the game it got a lot more buzz than I originally anticipated. It would write and with hype. And buzz comes more requests and more expectations and so of course with that said I still can't give a release date but I can tell you that it is getting very close now so glad I could. Yeah and I can also say that the first release. Will be an early access version so keep your eyes open and it'll.

It'll come soon so don't worry that's awesome yeah be sure to obviously you know check out i'll be i'll be sure to obviously do a video when the. Release date does get announced to make sure to follow me to keep up to date for it because i am so excited for the game itself I. Can't wait just a this is create will be visiting battles and just see the. Units clashing just the scale it is going to be awesomer. For sure so a massive thank you for coming on and kind of giving people a greater understanding of the game materials I'm sure they'll they'll absolutely love that so is anything. You want to plug before you go your your Twitter your your. YouTube channel obviously i'll put links to all the B's down below in the description but anything in Pacific well one thing you can. Subscribe to is the new subreddit it's a you EBS so the subreddit yeah you EBS is what the red it is so if you can. Subscribe to, that you won't miss a thing about the game so that's probably the only one that I kind of want to highlight i would. Say ok cool i'll make sure to stick that the top so obviously go ahead check out that check out your twitter check out your YouTube channel where there's plenty more, videos with lots of different interesting stuff on and yeah I'll guess we'll see you guys next time alright thanks so much for having me, .


  1. very good game and graphics.the best experience.i hope in the future there will be more units and more places to fight.

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