The Great Nugget Wars

Rolla they're playing ultimate epic battle simulator yes it's one of those games cut me some slack okay I've been shaped haha we can fight chicken and penguins oh no we will reenact the great nugget wars we. Have to protect the secrets within Castle nugget Stein we can't let the federer Fox get a whole.

Our secret oh no this is so stupid Oh.

We'd have this the Penguins coming from the water and she kiss from the side soldiers vs penguins oh how will is then we have shook Norah's here as well why. Not this is it this gunfire 700 freedoms. And minute the uprising begin no longer with penguins be made into mcnugget they will fight for freedom where's the chickasaw hang on haha this is adorable look at them oh no they're like.

Little cock go to tad on the walls of America. Not on my watch they will not the Penguins are really strong it's properly their thick skin it's like built-in Kevlar.

Oh no look at them you're reaching me what the we can barely hold a penguin back and look who's coming it's. The cook we are flanking my brave soldier oh no this is the beginning of the end they are pecking at, my toes that's my only weakness the line is falling beginneth this little bizarre I love it I don't know the chickens are picking my tools. Ah not all right we have to warn president Trump the cooks are coming the cooks are coming. On 03 the American they explode when you shoot him the very perimeter of mcnuggets teen has. Been breached you're coming up the stairs oh now our secrets are not safe anymore the enemy is talking tactics with each others, oh no sir fall back sir they're pecking your toes Oh Otto he's too, they fell off and people over or no fire even with King Winton chick is breathing down our necks we shall hold the line we can't let these foul creatures. For this point you will all return to nugget vector.

Where you belong you federal folks I'm gonna see you and Tess you on sauce and feast on your flesh hahahaha hahahahaha chuck norris leg relax we're going to put. This on youtube what would Peter say, about this bears us and then there's the terrorists we and the tiest in me I now look at this the front line rest. And soul was it good you know Special Agent McDonald stand up we're gonna have the cover of night on our. Side freedoms yes many freedoms hello there surprise for taking us hundred freedoms per minute oh yes, it does come on pick a boot on the chickies are glowing red they're so anger they're becoming McNuggets, they are working against themselves take them down and either I'm not then there's the terrorists yes shooter you. Know what I don't think chikis are are capable of terrorist thoughts because there she is yeah merica there you go America Oh for America yes they, already heard that sir don't worry cream his pants but uh ah we.

Did pretty good I think not that animals are a very dangerous threat oh my is you some blood everywhere no I knew this would. Happen the zombies are here to feast on the flesh of the penguin oh no. One wore lead to another when will America learn why a am I playing, this game what am I do look at ease what am I even doing with my life I believe the zombies are smaller threat because they're bigger target they are easier to his legatus we're. Slaughtering them haha all. This reminds me of that ty Tom Cruise zombie movie look at it boiling up you are walking on their fallen brethren oh yes look at it we're making mouth zombie hahaha I know exactly. What we have to do nori get. Over here I'm gonna put you on this pile of the zombie you will hold the line shop is billing, a wall with the corpses of the enemy very economical the tide has turned now we will counter-attack push those lovely Fox back to where they belong haha oh no we are slowly waddling. Forward this will be a lost battle 10,000 penguin or waddling into their own, demise Oh My Fire keep the Penguins back oh there's so many of them hahahahahaha oi oi oi I got shocked can you take all these things, when are you certain about that brutal okay I never seen anyone fight like this before, oh he's so old numbered but his Road house cleaning, himself to victory I don't know it shop can keep this up these are lots of penguin it's a ping win tied the end of the world how, to make this into our really high-quality gift and then send it to Peter they will make, sure this never happens again Chuck Norris it's like a black hole for penguin there, you'll keep getting sucked in they can't resist the urge of a roundhouse kicked straight in the pecker all these penguins they fought bravely oh no there won't be any iceberg tipping here ah no, more waddling shock is cleaning up the loss of the penguin yay.

America wins again oh wow very well like and favorite this eat some nuggets today forever like videos I had a call it. Or a flu I don't know if cold or flu. Is the same thing might be .

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