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Meanwhile Chuck Norris is stacking bodies physically changing his height in order to get high ground and tactically get an advantage over his opponents this dude. Is amazing welcome back to this ultimate epic battle simulator let's play your words organ and, today I wanted to do something really fun and have a contest with chuck norris and death that's right that is not in the game but, I have created a custom unit using the wild man and if I load. Him up you'll see him right here this son of a gun looks like death he's wielding a morning store and an axe and he has four hundred thousand health which is actually only. Forty percent of chuck norris's held but his damage is a thousand which I don't really know chuck norris's. Damage attack speed or movement speed and unfortunately he is not available in this list but the list. Is pretty cool you can change any aspect, of them and you see their base stats and you can change their attack speed multipliers and save them and load, them in stuff like that but I created death especially for this battle and we should have a good time so there's 2,500 footman right here. And 2500 footman right here they're on the same team meaning they will not fight.

One another and on the opposing sides right here we have Chuck Norris in the blue and in the red corner is dead and i want to see who can stack up not only the most bodies but. Who wins at the end so are you guys ready all right. Guys here we go 2500 footman ready to die, in battle against Chuck Norris and he is looking so devilishly handsome in his lool otash hey is get up and here we have the harbinger death ready to annihilate the footman guys are you ready, let's go oh my god. That is just mulling it through and get into the middle and just annihilating footman like crazy look at the kills that death is getting Chuck Norris, actually has killed more units than death as well this is going to be very interesting how is Chuck do it over, here let's check him out oh he is in the middle of stuff oh it seems like he has a bit.

Of an area attack and he is killing kit amis like four and five at, a time he's almost doubled the kill count that death has and he also has a million hit points this guy is going to be. Pretty unstoppable oh so we can see that a few traders have come off of. The line not to fight Chuck Norris they'd rather take on death himself then Chuck Norris look at that guy's he is wading through like it's soup and he's playing, around on the edges which makes me think if, these two groups collide it is going to be something else meanwhile Chuck Norris is stacking bodies physically changing his height in order to get high ground and tactically get an advantage over his. Opponent this dude is amazing so guys where a good portion into the battle let's check the stats of. Our contenders let's go ahead and hit the pause menu here and look at chuck norris he is a, mid strike. Getting here let's right-click on a Mickey what's going on so it looks like oh I don't want to slow motion here he has almost a million hit going to left meanwhile let's go. Ahead and go slow again where is death exactly we might need to start up. The fight just to see where he's at ah there he is he's where the Bloods flying let's check him. Out he has still 350,000 hit points still doing really really. Good maybe not as good as the actual Chuck Norris himself but not bad at all and guys the body count continues to rise as Chuck Norris finishes the last few of his opponents in.

The 2500 meanwhile there's still 1,500 for foot Minh on, this side this is only taken out a thousand and chuck is not finished he wants some more he's going to hand to the battle and start kicking ass on this side meanwhile, death is jumping up in the air. Over here killing people he's turned into city turning the speed on trying to catch up with you oh my god, this guy is absolutely nuts and ladies and gentlemen appears death has been destroyed no longer even in the fight and Chuck Norris remains as the, champion here I have a feeling that it had a lot to do with the amount of hid points at least. Longevity so maybe we can shrink down this battle and see how it goes ladies. And gentlemen introducing death two point oh now with a million hit points and a hundred times attack, speed will it be enough to beat Chuck Norris 1000 footman versus 1000 footman. Let's do it and has he increased his speed I would say he is right on point with Chuck Norris which makes me think now and it's not even as fast although he is, much faster than he was chuck norris's still gaining on him and I 100 times attack speed this guy is just going through it, I have a feeling it has. To do with the way Chuck Norris attacks but he hits multiple units at the same time but no methanol is the harbinger is just taking names handling business we are at roughly old he is. Gaining actually isn't he yes he is ladies and gentlemen he is gaining death is gaining on Chuck. Norris Chuck Norris is back in his tactical high ground position on, his body's still taking units out four and five at a time it appears like how fast is this guy moving in comparison it, looks like he's just vibrating at times just trying to kill. Everything all right guys the last few foot men are going down on this side and it looks as though Chuck Norris's almost, finished his paula's will 935 killed on death side 910 were killed on Chuck Norris looks like death just finished first all right yep that's it he finished first, and now he's out to chuck and it's gonna be the battle of the century you guys oh my. Gosh look at the speed and the. Blood flying oh my gosh hold on slow motion how is this happening Wow death is swinging both weapons at a time at chuck norris and chuck. Norris does not appear to be attacking at all chuck norris has a half a million hit points left that has 70,000 hit points left, and it looks as though it's going to be a very close fight you, guys Wow amazing who is going to be look at the blood spewing. Out of chuck norris's behind it's unbelievable and thats it guys Chuck Norris is a victorious if we right-click to possess he still has four hundred and, forty thousand HP that had a million hit points 1 million then stats work their stats were incredible man let's take a look just to see that two point oh, right load, units death stats had a million oh it was only a hundred thousand held oh wow it was only a hundred thousand health that makes a hell of a difference doesn't it. We gotta do it again all right guys here, we go two times speed this time alright guys introducing the new and improved death now with a million HP against 1,000 footmen versus Chuck Norris with the same, million HP against the same 1000 footman who shall prevail and they're, off Chuck Norris still destroying footmen two three four and five at a time knocking him down like rainbow colored dominoes and that is moving through the crowd like he stir in a bowl of.

Skills and it looks as though the death cap is evenly matched you guys Chuck Norris is a little bit ahead but, it appears his death is gaining on him maybe it's, because death is moving through the crowd enabling him to kill enemies, faster like he's not restricted or Chuck Norris is retaining a position in just the middle and turn it around kicking but i do believe chuck norris is going to finish his paw first and he is going, to go straight for. Dance pile to try to add more body count will he attack dance before he's ready death is going to be finished before Chuck Norris gets there he was nine away and, it does appear that there are nights that, are in the way and Chuck Norris is just beaten the hell out of death senselessly with a bunch of these guys fight this ain't real fair is. It and that's it and here we have it you guys full blast, going at it like crazy that versus Chuck Norris in a battle to the death Chuck Norris with four more kills than, death and Chuck Norris is victorious with how many HP lift may I ask chuck norris still, has five hundred and twenty three thousand health left Wow there you have it you guys Chuck Norris beating death itself, hope you guys enjoy the video if you did give us an apple that like button to show you support and, you can subscribe to the channel for more daily videos thanks so much for watching as always this is all inside it off.

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