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Hey everybody I'm let's welcome back to ultimate epic battle simulator so today we are to be doing some fun stuff first off you guys have suggested Chuck. Norris vs chuck norris also cluck Norris what do you guys thought that maybe having the name of our super attacked chicken oh whatever one the zipper, attacks chicken is to name him cluck Norris so we're gonna try out just Chuck Norris vs chuck norris and, get amazingly amazingly bored as oh that's. Actually it's actually kind of funny right there I was not expecting a fake error that's kind of cool did it crash no didn't crush again that's, awesome I was not expecting that but we can go against cluck Norris collect Norris are crazy attack penguin oh we only want one of them we're definitely going to break. The space-time continuum.

With this so let's get them right close to each other and you know what let's change the time of day so the. Sun is right over top of them let's go let's go hey you know a clear sunny noon battle of cluck Norris vs chuck norris now. You guys know that Chuck Norris cannot actually be killed well what happens if Clark norris can kill him sort of I, collect Norris kills him on every single attack and he pecked at like a thousand times for a second, like that like I'll go know what happens if we speeded up even faster oh that's not best that test oh, my word oh it's almost like action you can make it remix out of this, yeah you could you could definitely make a son with that and I, have no musical ability that's hilarious oh he's still good I can't actually run away awesome it still do I got right now I to go run run you get infected that. Bike lock Norris no okay get down here got here now what happens oh man look at that we just painted a big blood streaked. On the grill, okay run away run away uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh check what you got to say now what you got to say now clocked. Norris will be your end haha but it's put a dumb thing blue Oh try to kick me yeah either music as a website actually clock notice could die in another like hour yeah, guys that'll pretty much over since Chuck can't be killed and cook can't really I, mean he can be killed you still at what yes Villa 18 million 18 1.8 million, hit points yeah I'm not waiting that long i have read away from chuck he was hurting my feelings I feel like it wasn't gonna go. Very well and now I'm gonna run away to another battle so I'd another really interesting comment um what happens so let's oh there's there's some, new units do like I don't even know there's. Supposed to be a Persian okay that's perched that that's definitely Persian, looking and there's supposed to be like a poet was like a Spearman or some junk right are you in here Roman I don't see you Persian cool so let's try a person, what do you guys thought let's give them 10 cells and he'll, throw to give them like 2,000 damage but we're going to do negative two thousand. Damage I have no clue if that works attack speed I don't know let's give them a hundred times attack speed and movement speed you can't go higher than ten so, movement speed is Ted analyst I don't know what's going to happen here like negative two thousand damage how's that going to work also you can do.

A negative attack speed as well I figured those who are out, of the deal but I really don't know so let's try, it out we're going to go to negative or regular let's just do regular attack speed with negative two thousand. Damage and we're going to name him negative negative cool so my question is negative if we do say let's do a. Thousand negatives and or put them up here and let's go in and I don't know what should we give what should we put them against the animals that should we go against the turtles. That sounds cool well, do a thousand turtles versus a thousand negative Persians and we'll see what happens and the game just straight up straight up crashed okay would try one more time oh it's actually loading this time it didn't.

Crash okay the negatives first the tortoises I have. No clue what's going to happen uh let's see well okay they're running in super fast now did they kill themselves that's my question wow you're so, fast I guess the giant turtle horde now are they doing any, damage here it heals the turtle oh oh that's awesome the turtles are getting healed up. Because they're getting negative damage done to them Oh what that is amazing now oh that. Would be so cool except it wouldn't work we can't make a healer cloud so i was thinking like the catapult so you can make the catapults doing damage look at this guy completely surrounded he, is trying to get ripped apart, look strong wooden prog what and I said that's hilarious his turtles are getting healed up for the maximum health because of the negative negative damage attacks Wow so like the turtles are becoming super Turtles, guys got 874 thousand health now because everyone's been attacking him wow look at that 800,000 he'll. Always over a million health because it keeps getting attacked by these super attack speed that is hilarious um there's not much I, can do now though because I'm not waiting until these guys die because they actually do have hit points and, it's going to take forever thats that's a really really funny bug or glitch in the game now you.

Guys also wanted to see custom and Dave you wanted to see Dave you wanted to see, like 500 days like here sure that would be good and we will use 500 Dame's to go against I don't know, about footmen just oh you know what let's use one of, the new people let's do the spearmen and we'll do 10,000 spirit yeah that looks good it'll be in the water since it's nice and flat and. We'll just see what happens be kind of fun to watch these guys just cleave through it now the super, Dave's are like 10 times speed thousand times battle damage it should be pretty. Strong like that there's the spearmen there's the 10,000 spearmen and we have the super Dave's over here or to start this battle oh yes I gotta run go, go go go I really I really wish that would stay off by default need to turn it on look at him. Clean through oh man wow they're just totally wrecking it that is amazing i, love watching them cleave through a big old battle like this isn't that cool just go through these spearmen have no. Choice chance to live at all oh. Man I like to shield the reflections off shields to look at the wave coming across isn't that awesome now we're go on a double speed 250 few yes oh wow that is amazing and. That mean that pretty much does it that pretty much older circling behind back they've broken through the middle they're coming, around back surrounding them and no running across the side the last. Packet of spearmen resistance has been eliminated that was really really awesome and really really fast okay because I know you guys are going to ask go through. The same thing against. At turtle army or King in 10,000 turtles for his 1000 super Dave's and you know what let's drop the speed down to like half speed whatever, this not have speed halves you to be like right hey go oh they're there they are they're running in yes all they just read right in. The middle of it they didn't even stop for the first Turtles go go go oh that looks really, neat with the blues and the Reds whoa you know why they didn't stop at the first turtles because the first turtles.

Are already dead there doesn't know wow there's a mowing across the whole field of turtles look at him go that's. Mean the turtles are pretty. Strong they have a lot of hit points an armor and now it's just a big brawl against the Super Dave Super Dave doesn't care he does not care one bit oh yeah this. Guy this guy is cheating up here he's getting stuck oh he's actually stuck now they're eatin, his legs off can't wreck Super Dave your legs are gonna. Be dead uh-oh now we got a big mess coming over here I love that here's a top-down view, how does that look I love probably a couple of the guys just run forward a little bit and get stuck and then you have this wave that kind of gets, messed up they're gonna break through the wave in there and, a crash to both side to get it's gonna look really really cool somehow a guy is stuck away. In that top corner super day what are you doing up there Oh another boat ready to crack through the middle they're going around the backside very good. Very good oh there they go it's like ants you're watching colony ants try to move so it kind of looks there. They go back to the crack through the middle oh oh they're gonna surround them they're gonna surround it go go go. Go go get all the turtles, did all the Turtles dead all the Turtles dead yes and now they're going to run over there as fast as they can to the other side let's. Slow down we there okay there's the big migration of super Davis the big statue Castle singing. In the back or coming back in and now we have this the left oppa turtle kind the turtle apocalypse is a begun wait to the anti turtle. Park lips I don't know I should have made like one healing unit in here that would have been funny make all that, the caps is it half the daves attack and have, some from destroy that going to do it that will do it right there now I did want to try one more thing out I made. A custom animal called the super, dark shirt that's not really an animal but I wanted to try doing like a whole horde of these guys bring them up here a giant line of archers might go here is kind of what. We tried on tabs to have the, archers block out the sky with arrows so we're going to try that let's take them against cool. Let's go against the evil no play fantasy we're gonna go to big giant odors the giant odors yes that looks awesome we'll bring you guys down here and load you up right like that, ah go 4,000 cool that's going to be awesome now so let's start the. Spell there they are a giant pile of orcish oro girish beans versus the super archers, of kalamazoo I've just made that up okay uh case there's the battle Peter slow down oh why we're look at all those arrows haha, what are they are they falling doubt all they are look, how fast it falling down whoa alright that's amazing oh man are getting more coming over here that was really really awesome, you saw holy how fast it came down okay oh my again I'm go they're all getting destroyed wow it's just like a wave it's, almost like you're getting nuke speaking of that bone ah there's another way of going through I don't think that well it does kill them well that ruins, my plans really killed him anyway everyone's, dead everyone's dunzo except some guys over here wait a minute where are they going there's one gift wow so the new Gotham way over. Here there's one guy remaining down here or these guys gonna jump off the mountain to go get them no no they're gonna shoot him from above, ah I get wrecked that's all so we got to do that again okay we're not going to newcomb this pen gonna, let it go or to slow it down don't look at all of those arrows Wow the. Giant army of super archers watch as they hit here I put it on the point five speed this. Guy's gonna get dominated here a, little bit here come the arrows here they come look at all of the arrows coming in Wow got it on like super slow motion right now you can start to see a, few of the arrows coming in like there's there's a few down here these guys are starting to get hit it looks like they're dead already, they need what they need is. The same thing we haven't abs with their eyeballs going like to cross that's what we need all their they come here comes arrows watch this one oh, that one just got hit and you're going to get taken out buddy. Oh man the animation is so slow you can't really tell what's going on there comes the arrows in I got to speed. It up a little bit more let's go to real speed real-time areas Wow oh my word look at all those arrows oh my word it's like it literally has blotted, out this guy isn't that amazing that's on really slow speed look at how, fast those guys go down oh wow that's amazing no they. Just stopped they're still falling guys are still falling oh oh oh they're hitting the mountainside these guys are going down like crazy over here Wow get rekt get rekt. Need to do like super super urges horse dub super boxers for chicken than men that's what we need there they go. Cresting the hill all the guys coming down Wow look at look at that, is getting dominated get dominated oh there's a slo-mo again watches this. Arrow penetrates I was going right in that dudes armed I'll be screaming in pain no here comes to another arrow oh no they're ugly I mean that lets straight up pig-faced yogurt ugly heck come on. Arrow smack they're probably, dead already that's wise crying so much in pain here comes the arrows going to fletch your face off okay I think they're, all dead now let's let it go back we are now they go wall there's another big wave so if. You slow it down I wonder I almost looks like if you slow it down then the arrows don't fly normally and something is a little bit weird all those guys are, alive down there we're gonna see what happens with this yeah you got like five left there, take them up take them up there you go or maybe it was just bursts I'm not sure Oh they've seen up they, have seen the bad. Guys here we go here we go get rekt get rekt Oh takes forever to shoot them nice there's two left one and that was it oh oh some of the live somewhere still where are. They going everyone's running this way they're shooting. Down here oh is that guy haha he's like oh you shall not kill me but I'm dead Rex president pepperonis what guys, that is going to do it for today's video of ultimate epic battle simulator so if you got some really cool things you want to let me know. What to build or some things you'd like to see in the game please do let me know. I would be more than happy to take care of them so thank you for watching hey keep your, stick on the ice we'll get you next time you .

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