UEBS – Mega Turtle vs Every Unit

G'day g'day oh boy do I have the absolute dumbest for you today I called this guy greased up deaf guy go you're never going to catch me yeah because. Someone in the comments had a great idea make a character with crazy movement speed and try and run away from the fully automatic, catapults it's exactly look at the move I can fly also I'm incredibly rich oh yeah yeah, awesome right ok now obviously I could run anywhere but the rule is i have to stay on this mountaintop wah-ha-ha-ha police, come on greased up deaf guy you know I want to catch me you, can't catch me who did you hear man I do a great greased up deaf guy don't I well I almost fell. Off the mountain we will dance in the foundation of idea ok well chill bro, whoop hahaha holy dodge it whoop so I had a counter down the bottom how did I do that that, isn't so bad I'm pretty good i'm giving another go start the time I want. To see if I could beat my time run greased up deaf guy you're not going to catch me you can't get me yeah um this is a great suggestion you know this is why I like. My channel people are playing this game properly and then there's laser. Beam we just do the absolute dumbest you know thanks for hanging out I appreciate you're not gonna get me oh no I'm not taking. Your balls to my face oh. No I really should be a voice actor what do you reckon I'm talented I oh I'm gonna I'm just gonna die can you believe the last episode, got 20,000 likes we're doing something right now they also said try it with arches so I've, got 25 arches let's see how long I can survive against these guys oh yeah these are the fully auto arches ho ho ho Enoch or against me I, will start with the order are you going to die with honor you're going to you're going to, cop an arrow to the ball sack how's that, dying with honor oh well the good thing about the arches if they hit me I don't die instantly can't touch this dinner nananana nananana nanana how's, my time ago on how long have I survived not long enough they got me they got me all right now let's play the game properly, properly right the game got updated there's a new, map the city of the Lost Crusades and there is art as buildings, as a city is a bridge which I will definitely use and also they added a new animal guess what it is it's a turtle or tortoise apparently they're different oh alright so I figured I'd show off the turtles, to you there is one of our brave fierce, competitors look into his eyeballs he has murder in his eyes yeah I'm going to do one turtle verse one turtle on the other side of the. Bridge I figured I better show. Off the new update take a look at this map it's gorgeous absolutely gorgeous now let's test out the new unit and see who wins out of the turtles but I'll they're off to the races, this is so extreme I can barely contain my. Emotions this is crazy who's gonna win this is like the cricket of animal. Fights oh man it's getting close close now any hour now this battle is going to be region let's go or Nelly, oh look at these Titans go at it you'll never see another fight like this one they say slow and steady wins the race but what if both of them are, slow and steady I'm on the edge of me see hold on I can speed this up to the love of god, I hope I can speed this up yes this is now to time speed two times speed turtle action it's over I'm used. I knew our left turtle would win what was it ten minutes Jude, well there you go that's the turtle update they really made this game so much more exciting, now imagine if left total went and hit the gym yeah let's. Do the same battle oh look at him go left turtles flying yeah this is way different Oh boys we have made the mega total left turtle has been transformed into a beast I will call him Boris. Now allow, me to demonstrate the mega turtles abilities get him Boris sikkim second virus it is a Russian striking through he just runs the moma oh my he's like a bulldozer just, running through the crowd there he is in the middle ah Boris is an animal I mean literally but he's also a beast the mega total is.

Loose all those poor knights they never expected the mega, total mega turtle is them up there is no other word for it they're getting absolutely ed straight up ed I wonder if the mega turtle has even, been damaged, it doesn't look like it he's just running a train on these dudes okay now let's try it on two times speed.

I want to see what that looks like yeah now i love this turtle update now i'm in love with it look at him go he's a savage or the poor Fox man they're not used, to fighting Turtles you know what I. Want to be the turtle how do I be the turtle I want to be Boris slow down Boris let me be here yes now i am boris let. Me feast on you did you know turtles, eat people I didn't either until Boris came along man we just do the dumbest on this channel and I love it killer Turtles really all right i'll. Let him get back to his business I let him, get back to work wow he's almost done he's almost killed all of them huh mega total is victorious look a little bodies what do they look, like I mean they just look like a pile of bodies i guess but look at our champion.

Boris the turtle I love this game what other game will allow you to have this image of a turtle, standing on top of a thousand bodies alright I'm stepping up the dumb , levels I've got 10,000 Boris's 10,000 mega to dolls against the same thousand nights only I made Boris slow because I feel like that's going to be, great I feel like a slow horde of turtles a slow, wave of turtle just pawed learn along and then soon as the night's run into them I'll the night the night get slaughtered it is like a. Slow wave of turtles just destroying the nights you think your swords can get through their shells no they. Can't Boris don't give a forest is just walking right through you and just like that the. Nights are dead the slow horde of turtles you can't beat them you can't beat them ah the turtles aren't fast but they are deadly look at these fierce creatures. That turtle killed a guy now he's that guy don't don't mess with totals they'll kill you and then help. You okay I want to do more with the turtles, later obviously but someone said c4 nuke can kill chuck norris because chuck norris has infinite health but, if if we nuke the er no no chuck norris can survive milks what about a million nukes oops everywhere constant nukes constant you, can't do it goddamn alright someone said that I should be doing bigger battles with more teams you see there's like eight teams that's right i should do. That i'm going to start off by doing a three-person super animal battle mega. Turtles mega chickens mega penguins these are the fast version of Boris too but let's see how it.

Goes all the turtles are off but penguins are off look at them fly while the Penguins and chickens have clashed the battle of the, birds all over here we have we have the penguin internal action Oh No who's we're all it, looks like that looks like the turtles of floor to the Penguins looks like the penguins are basically completely dead now it is simply a, battle between the turtles and the , chickens exploded the chickens are absolutely done for and forest is champion okay we've just determined the turtle is, the king of the animals you happy feet and as is tradition the turtles are now humping the corpses of their victims absolute savages I'm loving this dumb so what I've done, is 10,000 penguins ten thousand chickens 10,000 turtles see how guys all the pink look at the paper, look at the truth I really want to see the penguin are chicken chicken battle, oh oh my god this is gorgeous look at the feathers fly look at the Penguins. Died oh it's still so many chickens left to come Colonel Sanders is going to have a field day picking up all the bodies. After that one all the turtles the turtles are losing numbers oh oh that's other turtles have been wiped out the totals are done for there, was just too many enemies and honestly it looks like the chickens may take this one unbelievable unbelievable it is, a hook is a horde of flightless bird and now the chickens are jumping. In the water they're killing themselves chickens can't swim oh this is the Penguins trap penguins are in the water causing the chickens to kill themselves what genius what a, genius moved by the Penguins look, at how fast the chickens are dying you absolute dumb why why are you doing this they're just not stopping they're just jumping into the water look at this wait they're not, even all, dying only some of them are dying most of them are surviving the jump game trips me to you out look at this no chick is what is happening at the chicken waterfall I'm so confused all right well. I've seen, enough the chickens chickens one ROFL get ready for the ultimate dumb it is time to put Boris to the ultimate test I am putting him up. Against seven different armies one unit from every different category we have 10,000 footmen 250 giant ogre's the hours and. World War two soldiers a thousand cavalry has like a thousand little horses haven't used them yet that's very interesting Oh a thousand Spartans bunch of zombies, like 50 Golden. Knights these guys are heroes remember they're pretty tough let's go you Boris let's put you to the test mate I am using, the fast version of Boris because I don't want to take like four hours right and he's off to the races the battle has begun it looks like he's going to. Start with the footmen yes yes oh look at him just floor I threw it. Boris is an absolute savage he is going to hump every single one of those corpses to holy Teddy look at the size of this cost to so many, different types of units are, all going to get miss Paul they're all going to try and take Boris down but none of them are going to be able to do it because none of them are mega, turtles the mega turtle don't give a look at him he's humping a corpse in the middle of, a battle he's speeding around on that course and his dick must be magical of course it's magical it's. Boris I mean it kind of looks like, Boris is stuck for us looks like you what the just happened alright we're back the game glitched yet who knows why, it's like an early access we'll come shoot on in there and he's going to, complain about getting to see Boris kill some more i know i love it i know i love it look at him work his way through the footman look at the scale.

Of it twenty thousand soldiers burst Boris just one Boris looks like he keeps glitching out though.

It's kind of heartbreaking there might be too many soldiers for Boris to handle but i'll just leave it for, a bit and let's see what happens yeah this honestly seems really glitched. Boris doesn't seem to wanna fight anymore wait are these guys going to be able to kill Boris please don't tell me they can kill Boris no. No he's dead they killed him look at a more celebrating forest of death you monsters all of, here you know like you get for killing Boris , you you yeah now who's champion you know who won oh man I just killed so many horses I'm gonna make a fortune from the glue, factory yeah a couple of soldiers survived I'm going to let you live you take this back to your people you tell them. You don't with laser beams turtle I'm actually getting teary-eyed I'm apps I'm actually getting teary-eyed actually you know what all of you so, you get what you get anyway built the bloody like button if you enjoyed the game feel free to give. Me suggestions if there's anything more you want to see I don't know how much more. There is like I can do but check out this video you're. All a bunch of bloody legends are so he feels letter and as always Jesus .

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