I’ve never seen so many units in a single screen in a video game ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel so, in today’s video it’s time it’s time to push the limits of simulation unblocked game we’ve only been together with ultimate epic battle simulator for a short, bit of time what is time. To push the barrier today what you’re about to witness is a hundred thousand chicken first the one and only chunk Norris I thought I just realized that that there they didn’t use actually Chuck okay the simulation, you’re about to see, took five and a half hours of real time until it completed that’s over a hundred and 20 gigabytes of raw footage and over a million frames. To complete after that was done I then popped it into my editor and condensed it from five and a half hours to an, hour and 15 minutes once that was finished it was two hours later I popped the hour and fifteen minute one, into the render condensed it to 20 minutes and after, that I popped the 21 in and then condensed it to five minutes so that’s what we’re about to see today ladies and gentlemen I. Hope you enjoy this it took me over like 10 hours to finally complete it without further ado here you. Are in the eyes of a ranger the unsuspecting stranger had better know the truth wrong from right by on that too your texts look behind you.

We took control of. Him so it was just a really long drawn-out battle my favorite part about that simulation and speeding it up it’s how you can just see chunk NORs punching through day and night but, the real question is is how do we kill chunk Norris a hundred thousand chickens couldn’t do it let’s, see if let’s do war two let’s do 250 US soldiers verse chunk Norris okay let’s see where they’re at let’s bring in the open. Territory and we’re going to give tunk a little bit of distance to run all right let’s see how, this goes down okay so as you can see Chuck Norris. Well you can’t until I press K but this is just a test here they case started as you can see. We have a million health so I personally I think Chuck’s going to roll right through these US soldiers, what we’re going to have to do oh my gosh look at that look at chuck chuck is even more stronger now by God he literally backed, off about five or six US troop for the single hit but from dealing with all, the chickens and such he’s stronger now he’s all the protein from the chicken breast let’s just go. Jump onto him right now see much healthy does have he’s only lost about 600,000 house and I’m just holding, them up right here Jesus okay so I think how we need to kill chuck norris here is have about. Maybe two or three divisions or maybe just cancer colon US troops with Thompson’s okay that’s. What we’re going to do because this is no contest he’s going to be able, to finish them off so easily okay so here are our other divisions will just call them that to make it easier we’re going to surround Chuck chunk, excuse me a million health we brought them down probably about 400,000 those two nifty bit of troops let’s see this will work out just all sides be able, to engage and so from on the first video I’ve seen some comments about next video. I just really wanted to get this out of the way. And show you guys how crazy this game can be with the hundred thousand chickens but next game or, next video we’re going to be doing 300 spartans vs. the Persians or something like that I think that’s the most voted for comment so that should be, a lot of fun i’m wondering where we should do it i think is to be in the castle somewhere like a last stand, but or like maybe on the edge of this this cliff here where. 300 Spartans are at maybe maybe but uh that’s that should be four next video we’ll. Just to figure out where we’re going to put everything ok so we get two more divisions come on for one bloody Chuck Norris chunk that’s nothing chuckles sue me if.

I say Chuck almost done here all right this is, this is good this this has to kill them no way I’m getting by, this hopefully the US troops are on the same team but here is how the battle is going to play out I will be ultimately, surprised that he’s going to be able to kill all these guys let it commenced okay yeah we didn’t put them on team’s third time, is the charm Chuck Norris has to die chunk chunk Norris has to die here oh my god r.i.p there’s no way there’s absolutely no. Way let’s just tuned in real quick on him, he’s already locked about 300,000 he’s taken out 40 50 US troops that’s a good chunk of and we only have one two three four five six seven squads of 250, let me join the the cock here I’m going to take up snafu we’re going to put them round. With them and then when he charged, my position i’m going to run away i’m feeling that even though it looks like chuck is really chunk is really dying right now it lives a lot of health he has, so much world up i bet he has.

Because the thing is is that he left these guys way open so, the the run time to them going to be pretty long he has to be close. I mean he was on 300,000 I think on this division here in a good thing right now is he has to deal with these guys solo every solo. Or every like one attack he does for only one US soldier. Slows him down so much okay so now he’s about being on to the last division let’s check, his health real quick oh my god he has nothing up 200,000 left okay we’re gonna get snafu here and help out this is it this is it there he goes. Can’t you do it I think we’re, hitting them all right god damn it we gotta help out oh gosh come on guys kill, him kill him kill just kill chunk yep for America come on guys he has to be under 100k maybe he can’t sustain if he probably has about 9 million bullet holes in his body. All he’s taking down more than half come on he, has to be so low I’m gonna be the last remaining soldier I think how does he do it how did. Chuck Norris do it no for free no no Chuck no. This game unblocked chuck right in the head how he had a hundred thousand left the only way now to kill chuck norris is with late war war to technology we have a radio operator here a chicken .

He’s still alive he, does not give a about that nuke on the way he’s running through the news oh no the bill kills me not suck you know what guys maybe chunk Norris to never. Die in video games or in our hearts I’m going to call it there guys hope you have enjoyed today’s video look forward. To the next ultimate epic battle simulator video where we, use 300 Spartans verse ten thousand Romans AKA persians for an epic defense guys until next time have a great day Lisa.

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