Zombie v Crusader Army Survival Battle

Well hello everyone and welcome back to ultimate epic battle simulators I've got some very very good news for you the beta version of the game will be available to everyone on April twelfth so that means you'll be able to, buy the game and. Enter into the early access period of the game if you think that you're going to want to so not long to wait at all just four days to go we've had a new build sent, to us and. This contains the new map of the city of the lost Crusades and I believe there's also one additional unit in terms.

Of a tortoise which I might take a little look at later on in the video but today we have a massive 30,000 zombie survival battle for you so I have a. Medieval crusading army being beset by 25,000 zombies our main force is going to be 5,000.

Medieval footmen supported with 2,000 sorry 1500 archers, we also have 500 heavy Knights 20 catapults on the flank there and then 10 golden knights let's just load this up and if I'm not sure. How much i'll talk in the video as i have a cold I woke up this morning after streaming. For about four hours last night and my throat was absolutely gone so, not sure how much I'm going to be able to record at the moment I was hoping actually if I rest my voice tonight hopefully I'll be fine for the stream tomorrow because there is a stream. As sunday 10 a.m. PST where we will be doing a dawn of war 3 where i'll be doing a big. Old giveaway of, beta codes for that and so hopefully you'll join me over on twitchtv around 10 a.m. PST tomorrow that's 60 m in England so here we have it our 5,000 soldiers along with the 10 golden, knights and then the five hundred Knights supported by the archers now the FPS is actually pretty good yeah much, better than total war would be with 30,000 people on screen so we're going to, be trying to defend our a medieval town here so I'll put it into cinematic mode and I think the time, scale is absolutely fine for the moment exit to menu no that's not what I wanted to do, okay we'll only back in after that complete debacle that just, happened so without further ado let us begin so here comes a zombies streaming forwards the archers are getting a decent firing arc and the catapults hopefully wrecking their flank and it's like they're taking a, lot of casualties already so we might not have to worry too much about, them breaking through the line of soldiers here so. This might actually be a pretty easy fight in which case we'll give these zombies at Alta next time and they might do. Like a replay of the scenario as we can see the footman when they die they actually turn into a zombie there you, can see there's become animated again but oh my god oh my god this go for even further okay okay we might be in a bit of trouble here they're just. Lumbering forward at the moment Oh My giddy armed so this could be, just the scale of these battles guys is just absolutely freaking insane I love it, alright so if you want to let me know in the comments below if there's any other scenarios you'd like to see and if you are enjoying ultimate. Epic battle simulator it'd be very much appreciated if you could leave a like on the video but here we have, the archers firing just wave upon wave desperately defending their position but it looks like the foot men here are in a bit of trouble, so what I might do assuming control you've. Got snails inside your knickers Oh Mike right so it's be one on me boys on me, let's try and distract some of them away from the main group at the moment is still 20,000 zombies remaining okay we. Are attracting some of the ads their attention okay get em boys ah but we have reduced the assault on the main bucket of proof so. I might just come and this fella and get him the, hell out of there I wonder if anyone will actually follow me so my LG jeez my comrades right to it and screwed ok 1v1 me bro no, attack are not attacking well nevermind ok so the catapults are doing a huge. Amount on this flame but they are starting to creep round the zombies had killed pretty much half the footman now but with 18,000 remaining I might send in, the golden Knight to command the rains or the foot men on me move, out of my way move i take the golden Knight is pretty much a super unit in the game paulinho's powerful is Chuck Norris, oh bloody hell okay no I made a mistake i made a mistake i made a mistake. So it needs to be taken down a few zombies but I kind of just got surrounded here. Nevermind i still need to really get the hang of it but over here archers are definitely getting completed shots off and, the battle / dresses so let's turn to the matting mode back on but when they get to the upper position, with the knives that's where i'm going to start to panic so I could have brought more catapults. But I didn't want to I wanted to give zombies some kind of chance and it looks like I. Might have given them too much of one they have lost I'm hoping they've lost you know at least half their number in order. To have gone through the night that whenever they die they get. Another one to their range so I'm in a bit of a catch-22 this Oh alt there's going to break through like me come on actually, we'll just see how they do against 509th that the crusading force oh the last holdout of the foot men can I actually say, I don't mean literally pointedly trying to save, any of you you ought you're screwed you are absolutely screwed so the the medieval Knights will hopefully hold. A bit longer than the footman but I have no idea what can happen if they break through I think it'll be game over and the archers are not in the best position to fire anymore okay I. Need to okay bring you forward okay if I can keep bringing them forward you might have a bit, of a chance there we can get them in decent firing up so they could fire down on their, position then hopefully they firing no oh god they're starting to break through and I think. They've killed all of the 10 golden knights as well oh jeez the zombie Menace cannot be, stopped 00 can actually come under that I can command a zombie but he'll leave zombies in to their death but I older songs yeah they're all. Zombies of 160 HP I think I'm screwed this I might have to. Give the medieval knight and positive I haven't looked at.

That unit yet that from what brother has told me it's bigger than we might think so take from that what you will and actually what time is, time scale Oh slow mo oh look at that all this is amazing and then the oh that's awesome but no you're screwed archers oh my god how, much PageSpeed the artists have know that it really matters now 100 run run. I think we're absolutely screwed though I might they have to say this to you of it oh no as we're running those gummies are, catching us on the boys I guess hold your ground but oh oh. Oh we still have some nights holding out a fight gonna go I do love. This flomo feature via those nights have got it the archers could still put up a bit of a fight here they are taking down a few zombies oh when they fell off oh, no they just walking back into the huge clump.

I should have oh and block the light in here that's pretty that yeah we can see where, the zombies took a lot of fire from the catapult and that's one of my best day I've holding them really and now the last stand of the crusading force has come have you.

Got any future survival scenarios for me let me know in the comments below and i know i'm doing quite a. Few battles of, this if i want to kind of release quite a few of them while the game is actually you know I've got some hype around it I don't usually follow the hype train for this game it's. Too, fun not to and I want to really support the developer I think he's done a great job especially we're just being one. Person being able to develop this and it helps that he's a nice guy to boot so also he's got a humanist brother had an amazing. Vocal pigeon just in case you haven't seen that other video our mention that it's great I love him so it looks like these soldiers are approaching, their end and a zombie horde oh my god is only haven't even all got up here I dangerously underestimated the power of. The zombies so I am some tortoises in just to see what they're like I might not, finish the actual scenario but so we can see the new unit that's been put in to the game but it looks like the. Sun is now setting and we enter into a period of darkness on alternative battle simulator where zombies of ruling, the world but let me know if you want to see some. Other scenarios I am happy to try and oblige I think a viewer might suggested this one like a medieval survival scenario ok so the zombies are, Victoria let's exit to the menu and just for. S and giggles we'll add in some of the animals and some tortoises 250 tortoises. That side in 1000 and kind of see how they do because I haven't seen the tortas units before I can attack in, team one let's load this in see what it is before we say goodbye, on this video ok tortoises I believe in you Oh God uh-huh ok and go alright you get oh my god they're so slow moving I, imagine when you can edit the unit that might make all the difference there oh my god they're actually doing a really good job holy e there, are just eating them the power of the tour toys huh well there we go if you want a unit to counter zombies the tortoises might, be for you, so who will end the video here so if you've enjoyed the video of course leave a like and all, that jazz and until next time everyone I bid you a very very good day the .

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